Social Responsibilities & Certificates

  • Safe

    We provide a safe and comfortable work environment, which exceeds globally recognized standards. As a family company, we strive to ensure that every facility we own, no matter it’s geographical location, is held to the same standards of health and safety regulation.

  • Green

    Sprystars has a passion not just for beautiful garments, but also a beautiful and sustainable environment. We are committed to the use of renewable energy as well as a prevention of pollution at all of our facilities. Recycling and reuse of raw materials allows us to not only waste less, but cut cost even more for our customers.

  • Ethical

    Our factory supports it's workers by paying a living wage, far above required minimums in certain locations. Being against discrimination is more than just a credo at Sprystars; we hold every single one of our facilities to the same standards of equity, and we strongly oppose forced labor, child labor, racism, discrimination, exploitation, or unfair standards of it’s workers for any reason.

  • Empowering

    At Sprystars, we have made a conscious effort to empower women, who have statistically fought harder in many industries than their male counterparts. We continue to employ assertive programs to hire, train, and promote women in the workforce.